We have developed this page to explain some of the terms that we use in beam rolling. The drawings also show the preferred dimensions and information that we need to complete your bid. When submitting a project for us to bid please supply the information in the format shown. This will allow us to give you an accurate bid in the minimum amount of time.  

P.00 - Flat Bar rolled the hard way.

P.01 - Flat bar rolled the easy way.
P.02 - Angle rolled leg out. P.03 - Angle rolled leg in.
P.04 - Angle rolled both legs out. P.05 - Angle rolled both legs out.
P.06 - Structural T rolled leg out. P.07 - Structural T rolled leg in.
P.08 - Structural Channel rolled leg out. P.09 - Structural Channel rolled leg in.
P.10 - Structural Channel rolled the hard way. P.11 - Wide flange beam rolled the easy way.
P.12 - Wide flange beam rolled the hard way. P.13 - Round bar (A is the centerline radius).
  P.14 - Rolled square stock. P.15 - Rolled pipe (A is the centerline radius).
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